SBD Speakers Team

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Interested in bringing a dynamic and powerful speaker to your event? 

The following professionals are current Official Affiliates of stillbirthday, which means that while each is corporately independent of stillbirthday, each has earned the authority to officially represent stillbirthday.

Together with Heidi Faith, this is our awesome SBD Speakers Team.


Stephanie Nalley, SBD

Jennifer Mull RN, SBD

Kelly Gerken SGM, SBD

Lauretta Clay, SBD

You are invited to learn about what our Speakers Team offers you and how they are selected as Official Affiliates.

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If you are interested in becoming an official affiliate of stillbirthday, please learn about our application process and submit your written corporate affiliate proposal.  Proposal approvals are published here for verification.

Heidi Faith, the founder of stillbirthday, is also available for speaking engagements.