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These are real photos, shared by stillbirthday mothers, so that you may be able to better identify what your baby may look like, and so that you can see, that

our babies are worthy to be loved.


By viewing any of the photos of babies held here at stillbirthday,

you are agreeing to our copyright and respect policy.


We hold babies together who lived to the same age.

You can use these links to see our babies by age, and to connect to the parents and our stories (in gestational weeks):

(molar pregnancy)   (blighted ovum)  

(4)    (5)   (6)   (7)    (8)   (9)   (10)  

(11)   (12)   (13)   (14)   ( 15)   (16)   (17)   (18)   (19)   (20)  

(21)   (22)   (23)   (24)   (25)   (26)   (27)   (28)   (29)  (30

(31)   (32)   (33)   (34)   (35)   (36)   (37)   (38)   (39)  

(40)   (41)    (42)   (43) 

(multiples)   (newborn to toddlers)   (+todders to teens)

(Mothers)    (Rainbows)   (Families 


Stillbirthday is honored to hold your baby’s photo.

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One photo representing each age group is shared below, starting at 4 weeks. 

Your uploaded photos will appear here until they are carried into the folders above, to be held with babies of the same age.



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