Executive Team

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Heidi Faith, SBD Founder

I’m just a girl!

With a background in social work and counseling of abused and at-risk youth, I became pregnant with my first child and felt my calling shift to clinical perinatal psycho-spiritual therapy and birth support work.M0M-4278

As a Chaplain and certified Grief & Loss Coach, I completed my studies through the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and am a member of the American Academy of Christian Counselor’s (AACC) Grief, Crisis and Disaster division.

I hold certificates through Cascade Christian Childbirth Association in birth education and labor support.  As a double certified crisis pregnancy counselor in pre- and post- abortive counseling, I began the Newborn Adoption Doula Network, which provides birth support to families experiencing the transition of fostering or adoption. I work as a member of Christian Childbirth Services LLC and am a member of the International Christian Childbirth Coalition.   I have received additional training through Kansas City Hospice and Palliative Care, and Hospice Foundation of America’s Hospice Clergy End-of-Life Education Project.

My long term goal is to open Stillbirthday Palliative Birth Center.

I serve as a women’s mentor at my church, as a Maidens by His Design Instructor as well as a Director of Mentoring for Blessing God’s WayContact me to teach the young ladies in your life about maidenhood.

Stillbirthday is the legacy of my fourth child, born via natural miscarriage on April 19, 2011.   You can read pieces of my journey.

I am an international speaker, and am available for educational and inspirational speaking engagements; you can contact me at Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.com.



Stillbirthday has been endorsed by:

  • Dr. Laura Schlessinger
  • Dr. Julie Wood
  • The Dunamas Counseling Center
  • Bob Foust and Friends
  • Above Rubies
  • Doula Match

Stillbirthday has been featured:

  • Kansas City Star
  • Smithville Herald
  • Progressive Parenting
  • Birth Without Fear
  • Brio Birth
  • Charis Childbirth
  • The Doula Mentor
  • CAPPA 2012 “Bridging the Gap” Conference by nurse, author, public speaker and “family centered care” advocate Polly Perez.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby

Stillbirthday has earned:

  • the number one place in Babble’s Top 100 Blogs of 2012
  • Readers Choice Award from Birthing Naturally
  • finalist for several awards including  WEGO Healthcare

Stillbirthday is a member:

  • Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance
  • National Home Funeral Alliance

Paula Foster R.N., B.S.N. Nurse Planner, SBD U Training Content Developer

Paula Foster provides ongoing oversight to the SBD U curriculum contents and the session environments, ensuring the most conducive exchange of academic material and learner experience.

You can contact Paula at PaulaFoster.SBD@stillbirthday.com.

Jennifer Mull R.N., B.S.N., Training Content Developer

Jennifer Mull helped shape the original SBD U training as it was first made available in 2011.  Jennifer has years of experience in providing bereavement mentorship both to mothers and to medical professionals.  Author of internationally published “What_if_I_Miscarry_revised”  Jennifer’s personal and professional ambition is to see mothers experiencing babyloss at any point in pregnancy to receive compassionate, affirming, and holistic professional care.  In her role as Provider Care Director, Jennifer oversees all of the Provider Care content including the SBD professional birth & bereavement training, and  is available for workshops and lectures in medical professional conduct and care prior to, during and after pregnancy and infant loss.

You can contact Jennifer at Jennifer.Mull@stillbirthday.com

Speakers Team

If you’re interested in having a dynamic speaker present about birth & bereavement support at your next event, just visit our Speakers Team  start page!


Lauretta Clay, SBD, Doula Advisory Team Leader

laurettaLauretta’s naturally encouraging and genuinely engaging personality reaches right into any individual’s inherent need for connection, providing a safe place for each of us to explore and to grow.  Lauretta offers professional mentorship to birth & bereavement professionals (including me!) through our Provider Care program, while offering support, encouragement and validation to families and professionals alike through our SBD Network resources.   Creating new programs and campaigns designed to foster networking and encouragement to other professionals and to parents alike, while maintaining a supervisory role within the SBD Network, Lauretta’s thoughtfulness, compassion, her enthusiasm to hearken healing and her passion to honor the unique journeys before each of us, brings a true sense of community to the families we serve and brings a true sense of sisterhood to our doulas and professional team.

You can contact Lauretta at LaurettaClay.SBD@stillbirthday.com



 juliaJulia Irene, SBD, Doula Advisory Team Leader


Doula Advisory Team

Members of the Doula Advisory Team serve as mentors to our students, doulas and to other professionals.  Offering a once a week email for up to a period of 3 months, as part of our Provider Care program, our doula advisory team offers a support system for professionals like no other.


SBD State Representatives

These are SBD doulas who choose leadership positions that include holding a private group on facebook for your state, rally support for local fundraisers and events, including adopting any students on the sponsorship list from your area, and serving as a great liaison and mentor for the area SBD doulas.  SBD Doula Connect groups on facebook are moderated by the State Representative and their delegated assistants and are open and maintained per the discretion of the State Representative.

Please visit our SBD Teams page to access the listing of official SBD State Representative online groups.

SBD Regional Representatives

These positions are held by our professionally trained SBD doulas, and help in part by overseeing the progress and programs of their Local and State Representatives.  Regional Representatives help plan and promote workshops and other public awareness opportunities in your region.

  • Carmen Schultz, SBD (Region 3: Canada)


Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Diversity Team

firedoulaWe are looking for executive team members who have excellent understanding of diversity within birth and/or bereavement.  This includes expanding our knowledge base from the paradigm of birth in any trimester, to values that determine or impact the course of pregnancy, birth, the welcoming, farewell and/or healing journeys of families.  To be considered for our executive team, you must demonstrate depth of understanding in the ethnic, cultural, faith-, philosophy-, psychospiritual, specific/niche birth aspect (such as multiples, surrogacy, teen mother, etc.) or other based group you are representing, including documented training and exposure.

We also hold a growing section of cultural and religious bereavement resources, with opportunities for you to join our news team to write on a particular subject, or provide mentorship to other bereaved parents who share in your unique and special demographic.

The Diversity Team

Kelly Gerken SBD, founder of Sufficient Grace Ministries, with emphasis in Christian faith

Kristina Friedlander, with emphasis in Islamic faith

Diversity Specialists are SBD Doulas with specialized understanding within birth and/or bereavement.


“Supporting birth diversity means that, as a birth doula, I must be ready, willing, and able to support mothers and their families who are going to experience a wide array of labor, delivery, and birth outcomes. This means that I must examine my own personal values and expectations surrounding labor, delivery, and birth in order to determine what kind of birth scenerois am I comfortable with versus what kinds I may need more soul searching or support in being able to successfully be there for those families who choose (willingly or not) those outcomes that give me pause. It is crucial that I support these mothers and their families in a way that is free from judgment or bias in any way and remain professional, compassionate, intelligent, articulate and strong for the sake of these families during their birth experiences. ”  -Allison Havemann, SBD student

The SBD Doula.  Support for birth in any trimester.


Melissa D, Chair of Personal Relations

After learning that her daughter had died due to a missed miscarriage at 18 weeks, Melissa left her doctor’s office with zero resources to help her cope with the grief, anger and confusion of her loss.  Determined to find a community where she could express her feelings and talk with other women who would understand her feelings, she set out on an extensive search for groups, websites and communities online that would help her.  She was amazed by the amount of groups available but, she also quickly realized that not all resources were the same.  In her role as Chair of Personal Relations, Melissa co-leads our SBD News Team. Melissa wants to ensure that other women are provided with positive resources as they try to work through the most painful experience that any parent can ever have to face.

You can contact Melissa at Melissa.Day@stillbirthday.com

There is one more Chair of Personal Relations positions available.


Shanon P, Chair of Communications

Shanon helps maintain the feedback reply communications and overall helping bereaved mothers and loved ones navigate the website and obtain the information and resources they need when they need them.  Because Shanon handles the immediate needs of stillbirthday visitors, you can reach her at communications@stillbirthday.com


Chair of Marketing/Customer Relations

This role will help promote sponsors and advertisement for and with stillbirthday.  There are three Chair of Marketing/Customer Relations positions available.  If you are interested in filling this role, please contact Heidi Faith




SBD Local Representatives

Rather than listing specific names, consider that you are a part of stillbirthday through this role.  This role serves in spreading the word about stillbirthday in your own local community in a more concentrated and intentional way.  Utilizing resources such as our printable letters to medical professionals, you are trailblazing and ensuring that your own local professionals know about stillbirthday, so that your own local community of families can receive the support they deserve.  You can work in conjunction with your Regional Representative in creating new ways of spreading the word about stillbirthday and our global network of resources and support.  If you are interested in filling this important role, know that you are extremely appreciated.


Other Important SBD Teams

Please read the stillbirthday vision, which includes our mission and goals.

Franchesca Cox, Website Designer

By creating our wonderful design of  stillbirthday, Fran, our Director of Beauty and Functionality, has shared with us a lovely piece of the beautiful mess her eldest daughter, Jenna, left behind.


Growing Opportunities

Know of a position not listed?  Want to help SBD?  Read about the SBD vision and ways you can get involved..

Tell us your idea and why you’d be a great match for our team!

All of our positions here at stillbirthday are voluntary, non monitary roles.  We simply have a heart to use our own experiences to help hurting families.