SBD Doulas and Chaplains

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Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doulas (SBD) provide support prior to, during and after the birth of your miscarried or stillborn baby.  They are qualified to provide support in situations of fatal diagnosis, carrying to term, and NICU care.  SBD doulas are equally prepared to provide comprehensive support in live birth outcomes, including subsequent “rainbow” pregnancies, and can serve as a labor support in all birth situations.

Your SBD doula submitted a letter of intent to provide birth and bereavement support, she has studied through a rigorous 8 week training, she has passed with an 80% or higher on each weekly exam, she has read and reviewed books relating to pregnancy, birth and child loss, she has completed an investigative assignment in her community, and she is knowledgeable in these subjects and more:

  • the physiological process of childbirth
  • how childbirth is different and similar in trimesters
  • the importance of birth order and how it is impacted by loss
  • how to support a mother in labor in any trimester and in any outcome
  • how to help a mother build a birth plan, particularly in an expected live birth outcome or carrying to term
  • how to provide immediate support when establishing a relationship prior to the birth isn’t possible (such as unexpected pregnancy loss)
  • how to preserve the fleeting moments the family has with their miscarried or stillborn baby
  • how to incorporate personal wishes, extended family and siblings in the birth experience

You are invited to view the complete guidelines and curriculum of our SBD doulas, and to rate your doula who served you.

For a complete listing of all doulas, including those who are trained outside of stillbirthday but who choose to list with stillbirthday and comply with our Principles of Service, please visit our complete birth support professionals listing, or visit our listing of professionally trained SBD Doulas here.

If you’d like to become an SBD doula, visit our registration.


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SBD Chaplains


  • Successful completion of the SBD doula program
  • Letter of intent for our records
  • Successful completion of any emergency services chaplaincy or healthcare chaplaincy training program is highly recommended but not required
  • Ecclesiastical letter of recommendation on formal letterhead or
  • Professional letter of recommendation on formal letterhead
  • An extension of your doula community project, to include: a closer look at your regional groups of diversity (culture, religion, etc. and how you can serve these demographics through thanatological midwifery and chaplaincy), and, explain your local laws and the legal steps required, if any, following miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death as they pertain to transportation and repatriation information,  funeral planning and specifically to home or “green” funeral planning.  This should be a minimum 3 page report.  Our enrollment package helps with this.
  • Book review of The Invisible Pregnancy specifically as it applies to eco-thanatology.
  • Attending a Professionals or Community workshop is recommended
  • Signed agreement of the SBD principles of service both for doulas and for chaplains
  • Biannual recertification is free and requires vertification of continued education within these subjects within each 2 year period:
    • thanatology
    • incorporating the spiritual and emotional dimensions of birth and/or bereavement
    • ethics of chaplaincy
    • self-care
    • providing religious/spiritual support and resources
    • diversity and dignity
    • institutional culture



  • Substantial discount on becoming an official affiliate.
  • Exclusive discounts from affiliate organizations.
  • and more!

You can learn more about our Chaplain program and requirements here.


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