Fly Away

Being pregnant and learning that your baby is no longer alive can be such an enormous mix of feelings, that articulating how you feel with words can seem insufficient.

This is a powerful image that depicts the ripping from us that we may feel, while also depicting that our baby still has value, still has beauty, still has transformed into something important and even beautiful.


Single Parenthood

This Impossible Time

When Mother Earth is Pregnant

It is just profound, the similarities between a person embedded within the womb and a person buried in the earth.

This amazing piece is called “Healing Sleep”.

Which does this represent to you?



{photo source}

Waiting to Exhale

Pregnancy after loss is often called a “rainbow pregnancy”, although you might not see the color just yet.

It can feel quite a lot like “Please, just get us both through this alive.”

It can feel like you’re waiting to exhale.

For encouragement and strength for your journey, please visit our Getting Pregnant Again resources, articles and stories.



Sending Love

This is a very powerful image, and I’m sharing it because it also has a very powerful message.
I want to bring your attention to the “e” in the photo.  Do you see that tiny little knot?  That tiny little knot can turn out to be a devastatingly and catastrophically big deal.
“Cord related accidents” have brought many, many of us here on this journey of bereavement.
What I want to point out about this tiny little knot, is that it doesn’t stop the message – to your baby, or to us, seeing this photo.
And that message is, love.

She is a Mother

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Rainbow Announcements

How do you announce your subsequent pregnancy?

Here is one idea:

photo source is not bereavement related

Receiving Blanket

SBD Speaks

These are little photos that we share at our stillbirthday Facebook page, as a way to invite others to finding us here, directly at stillbirthday.  If you like any of these, you can find them – and more – at our Facebook page for sharing.


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