Children, Teens and Loss

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Resources for Adults Supporting Grieving Children

  • Tips for how to tell your other children
  • Know what your other children’s concept of death is, by age
  • Are you rearing children while also mourning children?  You can share about your journey in our Holding Umbrellas collection.
  • When Teachers Face Grief in the Classroom – Dr. Silverman (outside article)
  • The Impact of Miscarriage on Our Daughters is an outside article
  • Our international Long Term Support section has crisis hotlines, books and more (and our local long term support section has resources in your own community)
  • Helpful perspectives and scriptures for the different aspects of pregnancy loss ( outside link – scroll to the bottom and click the link you’d like to read more about)
  • The dynamic of grief in the home between mom, dad and surviving siblings can be a difficult one.  While mom might be nurturing her children’s mourning – that is, their outward expressions of their internal grief – dad may be mourning differently, and if these differences are not validated and honored, it can begin to grow a quiet sense of mom and siblings versus dad.  For this reason, if possible, dads are encouraged to read a grieving book with their children or engage in their journey in some way.  One book I recommend for this is Michael Rosen’s Sad Book.  It is about a bereaved father who lost his teenage son, so a couple of pages might not be the perfect fit, but the images, language and tone can be very valuable in this relationship and journey.


Resources for Children

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Resources for Grieving Teens

Resources for Adults Supporting Grieving Teens


 Children & Teens Can Encourage One Another

Stillbirthday holds the stories and experiences of children and teens.  If you have a special drawing or other artwork, or you have a poem or would like to journal your experience and feelings, we’d be honored to hold your feelings and validate you here.  Please speak with an adult about sharing your story, where it will be held at the “Siblings” section of stories.

Books for Children

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  1. Wonderful, Heidi. Thank you for this. My son is 5 and he has been very interested lately in the two little ones I lost before his birth. Think I’ll check out that book!

  2. Greetings from Ireland. I wonder might my booklet and video about stillbirth be of any interest to you. I created both projects to mark my stillborn daughter’s would-have-been 21st birthday, April 1st 2014

    this video will be a bonus feature on the dvd of RETURN TO ZERO (Minnie Driver, Paul Adelstein)

    In closing, last weekend I finished producing an angry video poem about the Cillini graves for “unbaptised” stillborn babies

    all the best

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